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I felt that I could not partake in the same leisure activities as my sighted counterparts. However, the Outlook Trust gave me a chance to feel “normal” and equal, for a weekend.

Join In The Fun – Come With Us

Join In The Fun – Come With Us

Come with us on one of our fun filled activity weekends in 2018. Only £45 which includes:

All Activities, Accommodation, Food, Transport, Fun & games with other blind and visually impaired children just like you.

Just like Alicia and Chris did for our last activity weekend away. Book Now. Call Jeff on 07929 466707



I think the Outlook Trust is an incredible weekend to go on… I really enjoy being a part of the activities I would not have thought possible before.  Freya Shaw



“I enjoyed all of the activities very much, especially sailing the yacht and driving the speedboat. I know that I would not have had the opportunity to do these things without going on this trip. It was great!”



I’ve met a lot of great people… the Trust have given me the opportunity to try so many activities… in a safe, family-style environment. The trips are all about having fun… instilling in me an “I can” attitude when trying new things.

The Outlook Trust is the only charity for blind and visually impaired children that organises and provides activity and residential breaks for blind, partially sighted children and young people with other disabilities.

Our regular programme of fantastic fun activities give children the opportunities that other organisations cannot provide.

The children love experiencing the same activities that fully sighted children take for granted, develop independent living and mobility skills, form long term friendships and most of all have FUN!


Play The Video to get a taste of the activities and adventures on an Outlook Trust activity break :


Feel the wind and the thrill of blind sailing, paddle across a lake in a double kayak, climb a tree, abseil down a rock face, take an exhilarating zip wire through the tree tops, scramble over river rocks in a gorge all with the supervision of expert and experienced guides.


Adventures that all kids love made accessible to the blind and visually impaired.


Play the video, then join us. It could be the greatest day:


We are a charity for blind and visually impaired children with an ethos of teaching specific independent living and mobility skills. We provide respite for parents. We give children the opportunity to form and develop long-term friendships with other children with similar disabilities. We allow children to learn from one another. We allow children to learn about nature, physical geography, geology and the weather outside the classroom. We help nurture an appreciation of the beauty of and respect for nature and the outdoors.


Visually impaired Chris abseiling with confidence Children develop self-confidence and self-esteem, team-building and about helping one another. We allow children the opportunity to challenge themselves and take risks in a safe, closely monitored environment. This is undertaken with the support of appropriately trained, selected instructors, teachers and carers with high levels of staff-child ratio and, where necessary, one-to-one support.


We provide equipment purchased specifically with visually impaired youngsters in mind, for example tandem bikes and double kayaks.


We encourage children to develop specific skills in the activities they undertake: climbing, kayaking, sailing, gorge scrambling, rafting and sailing to name but a few. We teach children how to use safety equipment correctly. We teach children how to keep safe. We offer children the opportunities to get dirty, wet and have fun.


Our Supporters

Without the continued support of the individuals and organisations listed below we would not be able to provide any of our activities.  We rely entirely on donations to fund our charitable Trust, and we are extremely grateful for the support and generosity of our supporters.  Thank you very much!


This year the charity has been generously supported by

Supported By Children In NeedBBC Children in Need

 The Primary Club

Kevin Rouse and the  Leeds  Charity Lunch

All our  Trustees and Volunteers. 


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