Sailing in Scotland 2018

Sailing in Scotland 2018 With  a crew of ten The Outlook Trust chartered a twelve berth fifty foot yacht Moonrise to sail the west coast of Scotland this summer. 

Moonrise yacht charted for blind & visually impaired sailing week in Scotland

We departed 30th July from Oban for our first destination Tobermory on the Isle If Mull. Our Skipper Pete Director of Cardiff Yacht Company planned the passage. Jeff was first mate and Mick a regular volunteer on the weekends and Liz a  qualified teacher of the visually impaired were a great help both on board. They also  both shared the driving from Bradford to Oban and home.

Our young people were Kaeden, Ryan, Mia and three new faces Lydia 16 from York, Patrick 15  from Darlington and Freya 13 from Manchester. A great atmosphere on the boat with everyone supporting each other.

Ryan who achieved his Competent Crew qualification last summer and Paddy who does lots of dinghy sailing as well as Sailing with the National Blind Sailing team worked really well on deck. Freya amazed everyone with her natural  gift for sailing. Lydia and Kaeden were always keen to give a lending hand below deck. 

We departed 30th July from Oban for our first destination Tobermory a great sail in the sunshine with a stiff breeze behind us. On Tuesday we motored back to Craabh as we had the wind on our nose. The sun came out though for a while! From  Craabh  we managed a sail to Dunstaffage. Finally we returned to Oban.

We motored through mists and using the on board navigation system . We had mixed wind and weather conditions which made the week  so interesting. This year we had a morning briefing on wind conditions weather destination  and navigation.

We purchased a tactile protractor to support understanding of the navigation charts.  Kaeden was really impressive in calculating the bearings for our sail.

We saw dolphins seals and gillemots! There was dramatic scenery beautiful sunsets  singing and fun. 


Here are some of the comments from those who came.

Patrick 15 Darlington

“I think the Outlook trust is great because it gives you a sense of community. Everyone here has some sort of visual impairment we all work together to help each other

My week in Scotland has given me a chance to meet new people and make new friends. What is so special is they are just like me. This sailing week has helped me to feel more confident. I’ve met people just like me. We can talk about the same things and we know how it feels.  The staff  were really friendly and helpful as well. . The sailing has been great I’ve learnt so many new things and it’s the first time doing something like this on such a big scale and I really really enjoyed it ! I’d love to do it again. I had to be independent because I had to look after myself. I had to prepare myself for each day and make sure I’m ready on time with all my gear ready to go it’s been really good fun.” 

Freya 13 Manchester 

“This week we have been sailing around the coast of Scotland. We have been  living on and sailing a yacht it’s been great fun. I’ve enjoyed meeting new visually impaired people out on the boat. We have been learning how to sail. We did loads on navigation. I had to use maths skills when trying to find a route. I had to work out the angles. I also  had to look after myself this week. I loved helming making new friends and I hope to come again.”

Lydia 16 York 

“This week I’ve sailing the west coast of Scotland with The Outlook Trust . I have  been learning so many  new and different things about sailing.  I have also really enjoyed helping with mess and looking after all the staff.   Ive seen the cruise ship I am going as well as seals even  dolphins ! I’ve  helmed the boat and seen stunning scenery.  I’ve made lots of new friends who were really  kind and helpful, it’s good to be with other  young who  have a visual impairment  like me. I think it’s a great opportunity to learn how to sail and meet lots of different people  at the same time. I sometimes feel left out because I have sight  difficulties.  On this trip I felt more  confident talking to young people just like me. I also  had to make sure that I was  independent . I had to keep clean and look after my clothes waterproofs and life jacket.  On this trip you had to to learn to organise yourself.  This trip has definitely made me feel more confident. I have met people who have special needs like me. The staff were really lovely as well.”


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