Lily talks to Chris Evans on Radio2



We know Lily well.  She has come on several activity weekends where it’s been wonderful to see her confidence grow


She spoke to Chris Evans on radio 2.


Listen to the interview here:

Lily talks to Chris Evans On Radio 2 Breakfast Show


Here is a transcript:

I’m Lily, I’m 11 years old and live in Yorkshire.


I have a visual impairment – my distance vision is only about 10% and my near vision is poor too. This means it’s harder for me to do everyday things and sometimes I miss out on taking part in sports. It can be tough being different to other children; sometimes I get tired of being left out.


I started going away for weekends with The Outlook Trust who are funded by Children in Need. Lots of young people like me get to do loads of different activities I wouldn’t normally have thought possible. I’ve been sailing, kayaking, gorge walking and cycling. I never feel like the odd one out, and they’ve shown me I can do anything.


I always look forward to going away with them, it helps me be independent and build my confidence – and of course, have fun!

Thanks to everyone who donated to Children in Need.



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