October Activity Weekend Report

Alicia and Chris Brochole Oct 14_optThis was another successful weekend with lots of firsts. We managed to fill every bed in every room we booked. Eleven people went including six staff.


Despite terrible rain on Friday night, it cleared as we started our water activities.


We paddled down to Wray Castle in pairs of lashed open canoes.


DSCF0591_optThe forecast was strong winds on Windermere in the afternoon. After a picnic on the shore, the youngsters had fun on the adventure playground in the castle grounds. On returning, the wind had began to pick up. It would have meant trying to paddle back to the centre into a headwind which would have proved difficult. We lashed all the canoes together and towed them back in a canoe train nearer to their destination which was good fun!Richard canoeing October 15_opt

In the afternoon, some youngsters opted to sail with Neil on Out For A Duck and others wanted to swim, slide or jump into the water from the jetty and play on the lake. Some went out on little Picos with Hannah, Catherine and Archy.


Liam Brockholes Tree adventure October 14

Sunday was another visit. We went on the Treetop Trek at Brockholes. It consisted of huge rope trampolines, slides, walkways and tunnels. It was really good fun, and after a late picnic lunch we set off home just before the weather turned nasty.

Alicia and Chris Brochole Oct 14_opt


It was another oversubscribed additional weekend enjoyed by all. Many thanks to all the volunteer staff who made this possible.


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