Outdoor Activities For Blind & Visually Impaired Children 2013

We started 2013 off with a  very successful weeks skiing in La Plagne in France. We brought  4 visually impaired children skiing in conjunction with Disabled Skiers in Action. After only a week 3 were skiing unaided on the blue slopes and the 4th was nearly there. A brilliant time was had by all. Huge thanks to the  helpers from the Outlook Trust who took the kids over and the instructors from Disabled Skiers in Action who taught them to ski.

We have also had a number of   successful weekends in Windermere this year  doing our usual mix of kayaking, climbing , mountain biking, sailing etc and more are planned for the remaning months. We had a very good week sailing with our youngsters on a sailing residential in August 2013 and you can click on the report below for more information about this brilliant week’s saling.


We are always looking to assist younger blind and visually impaired children who perhaps do not get the opportunity to do any of the challenging activities offered by the Outlook Trust and so if you know of anyone who would benefit  ask them to get in touch.


Outdoor Activity reports 2013 – please click on the title below to access the report


The Outlook Trust Sailing Residential 28 07 13




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