Outlook Trust Weekend 6th-8th June 2014

jumping into lake windermere on an Outlook Trust weekend for visually impaired childrenThis was another successful weekend. The event again ran full with ten participants . On this occasion  accommodation restrictions meant we had to limit numbers. We spent Saturday with Jonny and John our sailing instructors at Lakes Leisure. We rafted four canoes and due to lack of wind practiced rowing skills across to the other side of the lake.


We had two newcomers this time Abduh from Grove house and Ishtiaq from Allerton Dixons.
The rescue boat proved essential to shelter the canoes as they crossed the lake as visibility was poor at times. It also served a very important function as It had to go back for the hot chocolate as well. With no real improvement in the weather in the afternoon we decided to avoid the rain by swimming in the lake. Two rafts were constructed with barrels ropes and planks. Jonny’s team’s raft remained intact the longest before the water fun started including jumping off the jetty, capsizing canoes and setting up the water slide. It is good to see so many youngsters confident in the water now. Everyone went in. We continue to raise our expectation of the level of involvement and participants respond to it becoming increasingly confident. A special mention to Abduh here our youngest member of the group this weekend who tried anything and everything fearlessly enjoying it all.
On Sunday we travelled up Timberthwaite Gorge for gorge scrambling. We used Steve and Adam our instructors from Mobile Adventures. We walked up the track to the top then climbed down into the gorge. On this occasion we made our way downwards. There were water slides, water shutes plunge pools and other interesting features to experience and negotiate. It proved an interesting change from gorges we have done before. Again everyone had a go enjoying the experience.


A big thanks to our volunteers Andy Mick Mark Salma Dan Catherine and Hannah for giving up their time to come and help.


Jeff Trustee 9th June 14


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