Paralympic Sports For The Visually Impaired

swimming at the paralympic games - a visually impaired sport

With the Rio 2016 Paralympics now underway. Here is your guide to the paralympic sports that are open to visually impaired competitors.

Within each sport there are classification numbers attributed according to the type of disability.

We have listed here the sport and the classification codes associated with visual impairment.


Paralympic Visually Impaired Sports

Paralympic SportClassification Code
AthleticsT11, T12, T13 & F11, F12, F13
T for Track, T11 runners run with a guide. F for Field.
Cycling (Tandem)TB
Sighted pilot in front with visually impaired rider behind on Tandem bike
EquestrianGrade III & IV
Football 5 a sideAll Visually Impaired
All wear eye shades except sighted able bodied goalkeeper
GoalballAll Visually Impaired
All wear eye shades including goalkeeper
JudoB1, B2, B3 All Visually Impaired
RowingLTA VI B1, B2, B3
Up to 2 Visually Impaired rowers in mixed cox 4 boat
SailingClass 3, 5 & 7
Two or Three person keelboat racing
SwimmingS11, S12, S13
S11 swimmers compete in blackened googles

Good luck to all competitors especially those visually impaired at the 2016 Paralympic games in Rio.

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image courtesy of Berit Watkin


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