Kaeden age 10 outlook trust review on BBC Radio LeedsKaeden Age 10 – “It’s made a massive difference to my life.


Play Kaeden’s story, my interview on BBC Radio Leeds. It’s the video at the side or below.”


– “I enjoyed all of the activities very much, especially sailing the yacht and driving the speedboat. I know that I would not have had the opportunity to do these things without going on this trip. It was great!”


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sailing for the visually impairedBen – “I really enjoyed the water sports that we participated in: sailing , canoeing, kayaking and riding on a speed boat. It was a new experience which gave me the opportunity to try out a new range of activities which I had never done previously to taking part in the weekend. I also enjoyed meeting new people and made some new friends.”

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Nadia’s Mum “Just sat reflecting on the weekend and Pete and I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to the team and kids for an amazing experience. Rare to find so many great people in one place and all of us feel that this weekend we found just that! Thank you and we are free to volunteer anytime 🙂  (like right now)” – June 2015

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FreyaFreya – “I think the Outlook Trust is an incredible weekend to go on. I have certainly benefited from the trips in many ways. Before I went on the Outlook Trust I had never taken part in some of the activities such as sailing, gorge walking, horse and tandem bike riding. I have met new people with visual impairments and I enjoy sharing my interests with them.  The sailing holiday was a new experience for me too. Being a responsible member of the sailing  group was fun and ended with a genuine sailing certificate. I really enjoy being a part of the activities I would not have thought possible before.”  Freya Shaw



“My daughter Freya has been attending the Outlook trust now for over 3 years and in that time I have witnessed her confidence and independence flourish.

The Outlook Trust has given Freya the opportunity to explore more challenging outdoor pursuits which under normal circumstances and supervision, would not be readily accessible to her.  The friendly and professional staff ensure the children’s safety and wellbeing whilst not sacrificing the fun and enjoyment of some of the more demanding activities. At the end of these exciting weekends and holidays, I collect Freya and listen to her talk of new activities, daring pursuits and best of all, new friends!”  Stacey Shaw ( parent)


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LilyLily has a wonderful time at the Outlook Trust and she is always sorry if she cannot be there The experience has made a great deal of difference to her – a massive injection of confidence. She has gained this partly through discovering that she can try and enjoy activities that she cannot easily do at home or at school – sailing, kayaking, gorge-walking and cycling- to name just a few. Also, she loves being with Jeff and Brian and the others. She appreciates your fun, casual, caring but firm approach. She enjoys meeting other VI people and sharing information and experiences. She is keen to develop her independence away from home and the Outlook Trust offers her those opportunities. It is invaluable.” Judith Mcleod ( parent)


Hear Lily with Chris Evans of Radio 2 at the last Children in Need BBC fundraiser 


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Report provided by a teacher who took a group of visually impaired kids from Sheffield to our weekend in June


jumping into lake windermere on an Outlook Trust weekend for visually impaired childrenOn Friday 16th June 2014 a group of 6 lads from Sheffield set off for a weekend with the Outlook Trust to Windermere. Their ages ranged from 10 to 15 and for some of them it was their first ‘long distance trip’ away from home. They met up with the more of the group in Bingley and travelled to YHA Troutbeck. On arrival the first job was to unload the minibus and get settled into rooms – some found sorting their own beds out quite a challenge but there was plenty of help on hand from the adult volunteers. After hot chocolate and a bit of a sing it was time for bed.


Saturday dawned bright and sunny and after a substantial breakfast it was time to go to Lake Windermere for a day of water based activities. Once kitted out in wetsuits and buoyancy aids the group of 11 plus 7 adults made their way down to the lake – the youngsters with more sight buddying up with those with no sight. This meant that the lads from Sheffield had to mix with (and talk to) the others on the weekend. They spent to day sailing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and generally messing about in the water. Jumping off the jetty became a favourite activity for some of them! After a long but enjoyable day they went back to the youth hostel for an evening meal and more singing before bed.


Sunday was sunny again and after packing, sorting beds and having breakfast they all got into the minibus and went to Keswick for a morning of cycling. Two of the lads rode solo and the others were on tandems with an adult volunteer. They rode along an off rode cycle track that was mainly flat but did include a couple of steep sections. By the end of the morning there were lots of complaints of sore bums but everyone had enjoyed themselves. They went back to the lake for a picnic lunch before getting back into the minibus for the journey back to Bingley. This journey was much quieter than on Friday evening as most of the youngsters fell asleep. Once in Bingley it was time to say goodbye to new friends and go back to Sheffield. All the lads had a great time and want to go again. The youngest when asked what he had enjoyed most said “pushing the grown-ups into the lake” but then said “actually I liked all of it and now I’ve got a new friend, Toby.”


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JamesJames – “I’ve been attending Outlook Trust trips for what must be almost twelve or thirteen years now, since I was a young child in primary school. I have countless great memories, from weekends in the Lake District and weeks spent up in Scotland near the Caledonian Canal. I’ve met a lot of great people, some of whom remain friends to this day, and the Trust have given me the opportunity to try so many activities which I would otherwise not have had access to in a safe, family-style environment. The trips are all about having fun, but they are also a learning experience, encouraging young people to be organised and responsible away from home and their parents, often for the first time. In that regard the Outlook Trust have been an important part of both my childhood and my growth into an adult, giving me skills, songs and stories that I will never forget, and instilling in me an “I can” attitude when trying new things.”


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SalihaSaliha – “I have been attending weekends organised by the Outlook Trust for at least 15 years. As well as having fun and meeting new people, it gave me self-confidence, particularly the belief that I am able to do things and overcome barriers and challenges.

As an attendee of mainstream education, I felt that I could not partake in the same leisure activities as my sighted counterparts. However, the outlook Trust gave me, and continues to give many individuals, a chance to feel “normal” and equal, for a weekend. The confidence gained by such individuals not only enables them to take part in activities organised, but also manifests itself in other areas of their lives, and ensures that as a disabled individual, they are able to participate in mainstream society.”


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