Summer Sailing Week

The summer sailing was yet another successful event. Seven youngsters travelled down to sail the Solent Freya, Lilly, Lydia, Alisha, Richard, Hassan, Luke and James. They were supported by Suzie, Mark, Jeff and Cindy.

We set off from Bradford Sunday morning at ten. It made a big difference having three drivers to share driving duties. This was made possible since acquiring The Outlook Trust mini bus.

Outlook Trust Charity Mini BusAfter a long journey down we were rewarded with an ice cream on the beach at Lee on Solent before joining the two yachts Darwen and Melburne Star provided by Commodore Yachting in Gosport.

During the week there was a great deal of emphasis on sailing routines and procedures. Every morning began with listening to the meteorological forecast for the day. The strength and wind diction would then determine the daily voyage destination.

Everyone was constantly involved whilst sailing taking  the helm or taking responsibility for the  Genoa sail. Everyone worked on  tacking efficiently including winching in. All youngsters were expected to understand the different points of sail as well as knowing whether they were on a starboard or port tack.

Safety procedures were practiced including man overboard.

Youngsters learnt the essential knots. More importantly these were then in constant use. For example using the clove hitch to secure fenders in preparation for coming in to port.

Participants were awarded a certificate at the end of this RYA sailing course.

There were lots of good sing songs and Alisha nearly learnt to swim in the sea.

The youngster travelled 120 nautical miles mooring at Portsmouth, Gosport, Birdham  and Benbridge on the Isle of Wight.  The week ended with a race between the two yachts albeit in very light winds.

Everyone had a great time and we all arrived weary but sun tanned late Friday night. Thank you to all the Outlook Trust volunteers for their hard work and support. It was their efforts which made this residential such a successful trip.


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